Suggested Reading

Due to an ongoing problem with the webpage, the reading suggestions for the workshop are temporarily posted below:


Glauser, Jürg, ‘Sagas of Icelanders (Íslendinga sögur) and þættir as the Literary Representation of a New Social Space’, in Old Icelandic Literature and Society, ed. M. Clunies Ross, Cambridge, 2000, p. 203-220

Hermann, Pernille, ‘Founding Narratives and the Representation of Memory in Saga Literature’, in ARV, Nordic Yearbook of Folklore (2010), 69-87.

Hermann, Pernille, ‘Memory, Imagery, and Visuality in Old Norse Literature’, in JEGP 114/3 (2015), 317-340

Hermann, Pernille, ‘Cultural Memory and Old Norse Mythology in the High Middle Ages’, in Theorizing Old Norse Myths, ed. S. Brink and L. Collinson, Brepols (forthcoming, 2017), 115-132.

Johnston, Elva,  ‘Immacallam Choluim Chille ind Óclaig: Language and Authority in an Early-medieval Irish Rale’, Clerics Kings and Vikings, eds. Emer Purcell, Paul MacCotter, Julianne Nyhan and john Sheehan (Dublin, 2015)

Nic Cárthaigh, Emma, ‘Surviving the Flood: Revenants and Antediluvian Lore in Medieval Irish Texts’, Transmission and Transformation in the Middle Ages, eds. Kathy Cawsey and Jason Harris (Dublin, 2007)

Nora, Pierre, ‘Between Memory and History: Les Lieux de mémoire’, Representations, Special Issue: Memory and Counter-Memory, 26 (1989), 7-24

Rekdal, Jan Erik, and Erich Poppe, eds., Medieval Irish Perspectives on Cultural Memory (Münster, 2014)

Schlüter, Dagmar, History or Fable? The Book of Leinster as a Document of Cultural memory in Twelfth-Century Ireland (Münster, 2010)

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