This workshop is part of an early post-doc mobility research project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

The project includes a survey of memory-related themes across early Irish written sources – law, sagas, hagiography, Annals – which will (hopefully) form the basis for future research projects. It also seeks to establish how early Irish sources can be productively linked to prevalent theoretical frameworks in memory studies. One thematic focus it explores in this respect is the interrelatedness between space/landscape and memory, as this appears to be one of the prevalent themes running through Irish culture – and cultural output – up until the present.

It is within this thematic focus that this workshop is situated. Instead of following the commonly employed format of conferences or symposia, this workshop seeks to engage participants and speakers in discussions and hopefully also manages to engage a non-academic in its debates.

Since memory is a multifaceted field for study and often involves interdisciplinary efforts, various memory studies networks have emerged in recent years. Two such networks, the Memory and the Pre-Modern North network and the Irish Memory Studies Network – will be introduced on Saturday before a critical and hopefully fruitful discussion engages with the benefits and pitfalls of such research networks. Saturday will also see the launch of a new Network, Memory in Pre-Modern Ireland, which will hopefully contribute to promoting and advancing memory-related research in Celtic Studies.